Thursday, August 25, 2011

Talent Show

On Friday the 19 of August 2011. We have our talent quest to do .After morning tea ,all of the classes were line up in to the hall for the talent quest.We were very excited.We have a lovely time..When I was watching,I heard someone said,”what a talent kid’s”. I was amazed. Everyone were excited.It look like the end of term 3.Everyone were playing guitar and singing their song.I was very happy to watch people doing their talent. Our host announced them selves.”Our opening act today is room 4.

A few show goes past.I see people clapping and cheering.I look at the stage.I walk up as if I new what was happening.I ask around what happening.The show was going to star.Kahlanie and his crew.I was cheer and cheer for them.After Kahlanie grounp talent then next .I saw the little boy was singing by him self up the stage.

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