Monday, August 22, 2011

Swimming Highlight

Learning intention: To be able to write about your highlight about your first time in the portable swimming pool.

My highlight was my first time in the pool at S.t Pius X School. I am a good swimmer and I’m excited and looking forward to swim.
After we changed into our togs we went straight into the court and into the swimming pool. As I got there I carefully walked on the step that goes in the pool. I got in the pool and I suddenly shivered. I walked around to get warm and jumped up and down. The coach came inside and he whistled loudly and we all froze. “Okay, we’re going to play some games” . We started off with a Simon-says game. We lined up at the corner of the pool and our coach started the game off. Some of the kids were cheating and one of us ended up winning.

After awhile the coach gave us a minute to find a space and practise our swimming. I quickly found my space and swam in it. We went out and I grabbed my towel and I headed to the girls bathroom and changed my wet clothes. I had the best time and felt fresh.

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